Air Filters To Go was designed for healthier and happier living for on the go lifestyle.

While your air filter is probably the last thing on your mind, repairs are expensive and inconvenient. Let us take the hassle out of remembering to change your filter. Our convenient monthly subscription will help you to keep track of your filter changing schedule, preventing costly repairs, and helping to maintain your HVAC system.

By changing your filter regularly, you not only lower your energy bills, but increase the efficiency and extend the life of your system. All the while breathing easy, knowing that your air filters will arrive on schedule.

We’re dedicated to delivering quality, and convenience!

Air Filters to Go was founded by Tyler Dubroc, while owning and operating an Air conditioning & Heating contracting business for nearly a decade. He noticed that many of the repeated service calls causing the system to stop on error codes, and expensive breakdowns, were due to simply not changing the air filter as needed. He thought, “If only they would change their air filter, they could save so much money and trouble.” A service call like that may cost 75 to 100 dollars just to tell the homeowner that they just need to change the air filter. After asking himself how he could help his clients, and other homeowners facing the same challenges, he came up with the idea for Air Filters to Go. Homeowners should have more time to have fun, and spend less time worrying about changing an air filter. So, after countless hours of hard work, time, and prayers a business was formed. We love for our customers to enjoy a great service and less time worrying.

Our filters are made right here in America.

All filters are micro allergen pleated filters. Glasfloss Industries is the oldest air filtration manufacture in the world. That says a lot about our filters. Glasfloss Industries been around since 1936. With that kind of history you can count on quality.

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We take the hassle out of remembering to change your filter.