How Does it Work?

Air Filters To Go is designed with you in mind. When you sign up for our service, air filters are delivered to your home or business when its time to change them.

You choose when you need them. The filter should be changed at least every 90 days. We recommend you change them sooner for optimum efficiency, savings in energy bills, and healthier air quality.

Follow Our Simple Step by Step Process

Step One

Select Filter

Size should be located on the current filter in the return air.
If not please use tape measure to measure the inside area of the return opening.

Step Two

Choose Quantity

Some homes may have more than one filter, depending on the size of your home
You will need to know the size of all filters if more than one.

Step Three

Choose Frequency

You choose when you need them. The filter should be changed at least every 90 days, and more frequently for optimal performance.

Step Four

Get Your Filters

Delivered on time with recurring deliveries, you order once, and are charged when the filter is shipped out.

Improve Your Quality of Life

Homeowners should have more time to have fun, and spend less time worrying about changing an air filter. So, after countless hours of hard work, time, and prayers a business was formed. We love for our customers to enjoy a great service and less time worrying.

By changing your filter regularly, you not only lower your energy bills, but increase the efficiency and extend the life of your system. All the while breathing easy, knowing that your air filters will arrive on schedule.

We take the hassle out of remembering to change your filter.